Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs or powerchairs allow users to experience a degree of independence where they may not have the upper body strength to push manual wheels, an electric wheelchair means you are not limited to taking short trips out.

Powered chairs also offer a tight turning radius which means they are ideal for negotiating smaller spaces.

User Controlled electric wheelchairs

Our showroom holds a range of powerchairs. Choose from Pride, One Rehab, VanOS, Motion Heathcare & Kymco Healthcare to find what is right for you.

We have a range or easily portable travel powerchairs

Or more robust with Suspension for enhanced performance over varied terrain, there is a Power Chair to suit anyone’s needs.

Attendant controlled electric wheelchairs

The Power Push wheelchair removes all the strain and effort for the wheelchair attendant and means that you don’t have to push even when going up inclines due to the highly efficient ‘free-rolling’ drive motor. With its lithium battery and aluminium componentry, the Power Push is exceptionally lightweight and the unique design and positioning of the drive wheel allows the Power Push to be folded in only seconds for transportation and storage. Driving, steering and reverse are all simple to use with no extra effort needed. The highly efficient brushless ‘free-rolling’ motor guarantees many hours of use from a single charge allowing you to get out and enjoy ‘the great outdoors’ making the inaccessible become accessible once again. The uniquely calibrated controller allows the Power Push to match the attendants walking speeds from slower to fasters walking and makes sure that the attendant remains in control at all times .

Power packs can be added to manual wheelchairs which turn most manual wheelchairs into carer controlled powered wheelchairs.