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Things to consider before buying a walking aid

N.B. This article is written for general guidance and should not replace medical advice.

How to choose the correct walking aid

Types of walking aids – Walking Frames

Walking frames

Sometimes called zimmer or pulpit frames, this type of walking aid has been around for a long time – in an indoor setting, it is brilliant at providing a safe and secure way of getting around. Much better than the alternative ‘furniture walking’ that many try. To use a walking frame correctly, you should grip the hand grips, lift and move it slightly in front of you. You can then take your weight through the frame, and take two equal length steps into the centre of the frame.

As with other walking aids, Mobility Stirling keep a wide range of styles and designs to help you find the right one for you. Ideally you should get down to the Mobility Stirling showroom or your local independent mobility shop, discuss your needs and try out various types. In this blog we will discuss the different styles on the market and their relative benefits.

Fixed walking frames

These are what people normally think of when they think about walking frames. Basic frames give good support with four large ferrules making them stable. Usually in chrome/silver colour, however they are now available in red. Red isn’t just a bright colour choice, it is great for those with dementia or those with low vision. The extra contrast makes it easier to see and use.

The frames come in small, medium and large – with height adjustment in each to allow for the perfect fit. The frames also come in different widths. Narrow walking frames allow easier movement through doorways and passages. Wider hospital style frames can be more comfortable for others, particularly if they have a wider gait or difficulty in keeping their feet in a narrower space as is often the case with illnesses such as Parkinsons.

The standard walking frames give great support but do require to be lifted to move, if this is an issue, then a walking frame with wheels to the front may be a better option.

Wheeled walking frames

If a traditional zimmer type frame is too difficult to use or does not allow fast enough walking, then a frame with two wheels at the front may work better. The two wheels allow the frame to glide. Ferrules at the rear of the frame can have gliders attached or can be replaced with ‘skis’ to allow a smoother walking pattern.

Folding walking frames

If space is an issue or if you need to store away or transport your frame, then a folding frame may be the answer. These are available with or without wheels in grey or in red too.


Need to carry things with you? Walking frame accessories are available to help. Apron bags, nets and caddies can be used with different options to suit the type of frame use and your needs.

At Mobility Stirling we keep a wide variety of frames and accessories to ensure you get just what you need.

N.B. This article is written for general guidance and should not replace medical advice.

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