Mobility Scooters

Our showroom holds a wide range of scooters, from folding to ultra-lightweight boot scooters to scooters designed for rough ground. A selection of 4mph and 8mph scooters. Choose from Pride, Motion Heathcare, One Rehab, Drive Devilbiss, efoldi & Kymco Healthcare to find what is right for you.

Picking a scooter that suits you and your needs is important and our experienced staff can guide you through the process, demonstrate how they work, and allow you a test drive.

Considering buying a scooter? Why not check out our blog article explaining what you should think about before you buy.

8 mph Selection

Longer range large scooters with additional comfort features

Komfy 8
Komfy 8
Alpha 8 Pearl Black
Alpha 8
Colt Sport Blue
Colt Sport

4 mph Mid Size Selection

Mid range comfortable pavement scooters

Go-Go Sport
Komfy 4
Colt Plus
Revo 2.0

4 mph Boot & Ultra Light weigh Selection

Boot scooters and Travel Scooters are great if you want to take your scooter with you in the car or on holiday. Scooters that can be disassembled into 5 light weight parts which aids lifting and fits comfortably into most car boots.

Apex Lite
Alumina Pro
Illusion Ultra-light

Folding Scooters

Folding Scooters are travel friendly and designed to fit into almost any car boot in one piece. They are lightweight starting at 15 kgs, compact and easy to assemble, available as manual or auto fold.

AutoFold Elite (Folded)
eFoldi (Folded)
Q Fold Purple
QFold (folded)
QFold (folded)
eDrive (folded)
mLite (folded)
mLite 17.8kg
mLite Accessories

Scooters can be ordered in for you , or if your ideal scooter is in the showroom then you can take it away today.