Covid 19

We are currently open by appointment only.

Call 07483388829

Call the shop number 01786 451 163 and leave a message

Leave a message on our facebook page

If you can’t manage into the store, we offer online sales through Ability Goods. If what you require isn’t there or you prefer to speak to a team member, you can phone the shop on 01786 451 163; text or call 07483388829; email or contact us through our facebook page

We have put in place these measures to help keep us all safe

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  1. We are open by appointment but, as with every shop, we have a few guidelines to help everyone have a safe experience;
  2. Only one group will be in the shop at one time. Please ring the bell on the front door for entry. You may have to wait until all other customers have left and the shop has been sanitised as necessary;
  3. Think symptoms – are you or anyone in your household displaying symptoms?  If so, please do not come to the shop.  Urgent things can be dropped off outside your door but we cannot enter your home; 
  4. Please wear a face covering in the shop, we have disposable ones if you do not have your own;
  5. Please use the hand sanitiser on entry and exit from the shop;
  6. If you prefer not to come in, we can bring a range of stock out to you at the car;
  7. If others are waiting, please respect the 2 metre (6 feet) social distancing distance or wait in car;  
  8. Please remain at least 2 metres from staff and non-family members;
  9. Please pay be card where possible;
  10. There will be no access to toilets within the shop;
  11. If requested to do so, please fill out the contact tracing form;
  12. Please use your judgement to keep everyone safe.