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Scooter Servicing

N.B. This article is written for general guidance and should not replace medical advice.

Why should I get my scooter serviced at Mobility Stirling?

Just as a car needs a regular service, your mobility scooter needs servicing. Manufacturers like Drive Devilbiss, Pride, One Rehab, Sunrise Medical, Kymco and Invacare all recommend an annual service to keep your scooter in tip top condition and find potential issues before they become a more serious problem. Like any piece of machinery, your scooter needs a bit of TLC to make sure it operates safely and at its best. A well kept scooter will last for years, so a good service once a year is a sound investment.

What does a mobility scooter service at Mobility Stirling include?

Servicing is a task you can do yourself but a reputable dealer with trained staff such as Mobility Stirling will do a professional job using knowledge and equipment that you may not have access to. Service requirements vary between scooters so it is always to check with your owner’s manual but the checklist below covers the main elements covered in a Mobility Stirling service.

Batteries and charger

If you have been regularly charging your batteries, they last well but don’t wait until they stop working for you, a service with Mobility Stirling includes thorough a specialist diagnostic check lets you know exactly how healthy they are. The charger also runs through the diagnostic equipment to ensure it is working as it should. Chargers, cables, battery box and seating are all checked for damage.


It is important to check the tyres for signs of wear and in particular any uneven wear as it could indicate other underlying problems. Tyres are checked for depth of tread, uneven wear and damage. Pneumatics are checked to make sure they are at the right pressure to ensure comfort and safety as well increasing the life of the tyre.


The bodywork is checked to assess if there is any damage that needs to be rectified. The frame is checked for any rust or damage.


The seat is checked for any excessive wear and tear or rips. Making sure the stem is in good condition and locks securely in place, tightening up the arms and checking for corrosion.


All electrics including cables checked for damage and placed where they will not be damaged. Checking that all lights/horns/fault codes working properly.

Motor and gearbox

Motor and gearbox checked to see if running smoothly in both directions without any excessive noise, and check outside casing for corrosion and damage.


Brakes checked to ensure they manually engage/disengage. Checked to ensure that the scooter will not drive with brake disengaged. Check brake automatically engages/disengages.

Wheels and axle

Check front and rear wheels are running free. Clean out of all the junk behind the wheels etc. Check axles for problems and wobbles. This may show up in the steering column too.


Check steering is true and assess if any issues that will affect performance.

This is a summary of the main areas covered – it includes a check and tightening of nuts, bolts, screws and cleaning out of areas of hair, dirt and grease that are known to cause issues. As with a car service, small issues will be dealt with but if we find any more serious issues, Mobility Stirling will contact you and discuss the options available. If you have something that is particular concern, please let us know when you are booking the scooter in.

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We also do spares, repairs and battery & charger tests.

We service and repair wheelchairs, rollators, triwalkers, walking aids and keep a stock of parts including ferrules in all sizes for walking sticks, canes and walking frames (zimmer frames).

N.B. This article is written for general guidance and should not replace medical advice.